Getting A Better WiFi Signal

Posted July 7, 2014 By admin

wifi repeaterIn recent years i have become more and more reliant on WiFi, but one thing that really bugs me is that no matter where I place my wireless router, there always seems to be at least one area in my house where the signal just doesn’t reach. One solution to this problem would be to upgrade the antennas on my router to a higher gain version, but unfortunately not all routers allow you to do this (mine doesn’t).

So what solution is there? Well, it’s called a wi-fi range extender. You can pick them up pretty cheap these days actually. What it does in essence, is take the signal from your current router and repeat it. This means that you can put the repeater close to the area you want signal to reach, but yet still within range of your current router.

I’ve tested a few of these devices and they all seem to do what they advertise. If you want some help pick the best range extender then I would suggest you have a look at

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